Each dial is meticulously hand-drawn and hand-painted, making each urushi maki-e watch truly unique.
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Here we introduce individuals who have helped us promote domestically produced Joboji Lacquer by creating maki-e dials.

Maki-e artisanShokan Matsuda

Award history and more

Works selected five times at the Fukui Prefecture Craft Artists Association Exhibition.

Received Nikkei Shimbun President Award, Japan Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Award, and more at the National Lacquerware Exhibition.

Received Governor’s Prize at the Fukui Prefecture General Art Exhibition.

Participated in a Japan-France cultural-exchange event for maki-e at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

Created custom-made YAMAHA guitar and many other items.

Held an exhibit at the University of the Arts London.

Held an art-exhibition workshop at the University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum.

Assisted in the JAPANESE GOLD DECORATION Exhibition at the Japanese Embassy in London.

Represented Japan at the World Crafts Council’s 50th-anniversary event in China.

“Maki-e is a culture that represents Japan. This is what I think as I dedicate my life to maki-e.”

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